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Sign JPEGs are downloadable images, designed to grab the attention of passersby,  that can be printed from a home or office printer for signs to be displayed inside or for larger signs that can be seen from the parking lot and or road (up to 55” x 72”), most copy center can print posters while you wait.

From Grandparents day to Christmas, there are at least 34 celebrations that occur each year (not including local and cultural celebrations) that signs can be used to increase profits for the week and your store front window is the most cost effective way to capitalize on these days (click to see list).


What are Sign JPEGs

Sign Jpegs are no different from photographs; with the exception being, they are costumed designed sign images designed to attract the attention of passersby and can be printed from a home/office printer for smaller sizes or for sized up to 55 x 72 inches at any copy center


How many times can I use my JPEG image?

There is no limit to the number of times an image can be used or the frequency they can be used.


When is the best time to change a window sign?

Since consumers are accustomed to shopping for sales on the weekend, the best day to place a new sign in your window is on Thursday.


Can I Use images on social media?

Sign JPEGs, like photographs can be uploaded to any social media platform that accepts jpegs. 


Do window signs actually increase walk in traffic?

Research shows that 42.1% of new retail/restaurant business is the result of people being invited to stop in by a sign and only 10% of new business is the result of costly ads advertising.

I have a sign in my window and it does not seem to attract new customers?

The secret to keeping passersby engaged with your front window is rotate signs periodically.  Since there are 30 plus celebrations that occur annually signs can be changed to accommodate the occasion.

Changing signs can become expensive.

If passersby walk on a narrow side walk to past your business, signs can be printed from your home/office printer or for larger signs that can be seen from the parking lot copy centers can print 11 x 17 signs for around $1.65, which significantly increase your return on investment, right?

Sales cut into my profits, so why should I put my products on sale?

100% of consumers are more likely to stop in when they see the word sale!  When sale items are paired with or complimenting items that are not on sale, a sale purchase could very easily include non sale item sales.





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